Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Loving My Job

Way behind on everything, from friendships to laundry, because we are full tilt toward getting the shop opened. After the plumbing fiasco last week, we're on track for opening this Monday, the 21st. I'd say "come hell or high water," but we've seen both, and I don't want to tempt the fates.

The chickens hate me, the kids are getting concerned about that horrid smell wafting from the kitchen, and I am way behind on my own publishing schedule for Eat Your Words. But working does feel really good, and I forgot the rush of being so busy you can't think straight. I have been feeling so swamped I'm wired--without coffee!

Will get back to blog when I can. Meanwhile, thanks for the support. Come down and see us Monday! I'd post the web site but it's not finished yet... ha ha. Here's the old-fashioned address: 3207 California Ave SW, West Seattle.

P.S. Maybe I mentioned it, maybe I forgot. This craziness is due to the fact that I agreed to be the Swinery's business manager. For at least awhile.

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