Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Commute

For the first time, I'm not so sure about this island living business. The kids and I left the house yesterday at 4 pm to go to April's for dinner. Yes, we had to run one quick errand on the way; we got there at 6:15. That wasn't too bad, although we could've lived in Mt. Vernon and gotten there sooner.

No, the kicker was on the way back. We left April's at 9:25 to catch the 10:15 ferry. Arrived in plenty of time--unfortunately, the ferry didn't. It just didn't show. Finally its lights were visible at around 10:40; then it unloaded, and we were able to get on. Ferry ride, drive home, carefully carrying the sleeping children into their beds one at a time... Jezebel woke up and wanted her pajamas and bottle... I went upstairs to tuck Noelani in, but she wasn't there--she'd only made it as far as the couch... She's too big by half for me to carry, so I woke her again and she stumbled up the stairs...

I was crawled into bed at exactly midnight. Mt. Vernon was looking pretty good.

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