Thursday, July 2, 2009

We Be Jammin

Couple of great quotes from the kids yesterday:

Rhone, having fallen pretty hard on his rear end, subsequently wouldn't stop wailing about it. Finally I said "Honey, come on, you need to stop crying. You're OK." He replied, sniffling: "But--Mom--I need you to kiss my butt."

And then, from Noelani, out of the blue: "Mom, do you have to go through some sort of ordeal to become an adult?" I immediately answered, "No, honey, the ordeal starts after you become an adult."

I later asked what she meant, and she explained she'd been picturing some sort of diaper-changing, whiny-child-enduring test. Gabe said I should've told her that if we had to pass that sort of test, there'd be far fewer humans on the planet. Ain't it the truth.

The weather's been fantastic and we've been enjoying it. I felt the first real pull of the Island yesterday: I had planned to go into the city to go to Costco, but as the day got warmer and more beautiful that seemed less and less appealing. Finally I fessed up to myself: did I really want to endure the four-hour "ordeal" of taking the ferry, Costco, and more ferry, when I could just stay here and bask? No way. So, we're out of juice. They'll live.

The new kittens are adorable, but still don't have names. Noelani is considering Jasper & Emmett from Twilight, Jazz & Blues (my suggestion), and Page & Squire as her top choices. Although I suggested the musical names, I am now pulling full force for Butter & Scotch. Will keep you up to date on this matter of pressing concern.

N and I have plans to make jam today. Could be a whirlwind of awfulness; I am instead hoping for good mother-daughter bonding. Maybe kittens will wind up named Jam & Jelly. Or Natural & Disaster.

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  1. Your salad was wonderful! I like the posts on food, I always love food porn via words. Thanks for having us out there--the fireworks, kitties and you guys were worth the trip that we complain about. Shame on us! Love you guys.