Thursday, October 15, 2009


Are you supposed to be able to feel your heart whacking against your ribs at times of stress? I consulted WebMD and it seems I shouldn't worry unless I also can't breathe at the time. Right. I'll keep you posted.

Rhone, to me after I began singing in the car the other day: "Mom, I think you're a bad singer."

Me: "Rhone! That's not very polite. If you don't want to hear me sing right now, how about, 'Mom, I'd rather you didn't sing right now.'"

Rhone: "Mom, I'd rather you didn't sing right now forever."

Basically: same shit, different day. I discovered an enormous quilt-batting-looking cobweb (made by those elusive cob spiders, I'm sure) in my dining room today. But... it's still there, because I didn't have time to embark on a cleaning campaign.

Got another paycheck today, but can't cash it til the business has the money. Sucks being the one employee who knows those details. I only had 20 hours of overtime on this check, so it's getting better. Remember this was a part-time job.

I'm uninspired. No, beyond that; I feel numb, like I can't write or don't remember how. Usually phrases flash through my mind or at least I am struck by interesting words. Right now I feel insulated from that, and not in a good way. I want it back, but... I don't have time for it anyway. Just another depressing thing to add to my list.


  1. Oh Yes. the kids... they are way too smart for that. Logan's newest funny (and not so funny) phrase is "Mama! I no wanna say 'please', and I want YOU say 'YES'!"

    I swear, each kid gets smarter... just wait for Bella's little comments like this. Ugh.

    Love Val

  2. Money stuff sucks. Come over, we will bitch, drink, and suffer together. {{{hugs}}}