Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bedtime for Bonzo

Don't know that I have ever spent an entire day cleaning my own house before. I have spent all day cleaning house, but that was when my house was also the business.

There were days that Gabe and I would roll out of bed at 6 am and work at breakneck speed, he cooking and me cleaning, until 6 pm. Then we'd each take a 2-minute shower, change, and be fresh and pretty for Gypsy service, which began at 6:30; we ran nonstop until midnight. Some people thought we profited from this. I guess in retrospect I'd say I did profit, but in terms of my character. Hard work makes you strong. Good hard work makes you good and strong! But for those who thought we charged too much and must have been making money hand over fist, I have nothing but a belly laugh and my back to show (as I'm turning it). Yeah, right.

The funny thing about today is that I'm nowhere near finished cleaning the house. I spent until 3 pm on the kitchen alone, then managed the living room and dining room and the floors in those three rooms. Now it's 11:30 and I'm considering starting in on our bedroom.

I know Marcy won't think any less of me if my entire house is not spotless, but her coming provides an excellent reason to really clean, and I've unpacked more junk in the last three days than I have in the last three weeks. I love the house looking great; I just don't usually have much reason to do it, and at heart I'm fucking lazy. Well... I don't know if I can say that any more. Maybe it's just that I usually have other things to do and I don't get to indulge myself in cleaning without a great reason. "Indulging myself in cleaning" sounds sorta pathetic, too. If this blog is supposed to be a path to self-discovery, it seems I have a ways to go.

Oh, gods, Noelani is still up and it really is 11:30. Ahem. Oops.

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