Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dragon Days

The uneventful days are those which most make our lives what they are, and yet they're so easily passed by and forgotten. I was thinking I had nothing much to write about because nothing much has "happened" these last couple of days. What does that mean? Nothing crazy or wild has happened. Nothing "memorable." But I want to remember the good, mellow, easy days as much or more than those that are unusual.

Like today. It wasn't lazy, cause I got a lot done, but it was mellow. Jez woke up at a quarter of eight (after Gabe and I stayed up til almost 2 watching the extended version of Return of the King), but at least she was in a spectactularly wonderful mood. She was bouncing in her crib saying "book! book!" and wanted me to read to her right away.

Rhone slept another half hour or so, although I'd expected him to sleep late. He had some kind of bad dream, or maybe gas, last night and was up screaming for nearly an hour. (Really gives meaning to the term "extended version.") We finally had to take him outside and shock him with the cold air to get him to stop screaming. It was awful.

This morning he asked for "brekskast" but then wanted "just juice." Jez has started saying "juice," too: she says "joooo." Or maybe "Jew." I don't think she's making religious statements yet, though.

Gabe made us breakfast, a hash from last night's potatoes and squash, with leftover flank steak thrown in, and fried fresh eggs. Yum! Breakfast food is divine. Especially with coffee. That's a given for me. I've actually started consciously thinking about the coffee gods lately. Like, if I'm filling the grinder and spill a bean on the floor, I pick it up right away because I don't want to offend them. Even Rhone knows how much coffee means to me. Last week we were wandering the aisles of the grocery store, and I was muttering "what else do we need?" and out of the blue he announces, "We need coffee!" The boy knows how to take care of his mama.

The kids played together really well all morning; Noelani made forts for them in Rhone's room and her room (I found blankets and towels tied in intricate systems across her closet doorway). She is such an awesome big sister, and an amazing help to me. I tried to make the most of the time by emptying some of the last boxes we have around here, you know, the ones that are just last-minute junk. Stuff we didn't know where to put then and still don't know where to put. I'm sorting it into piles: mud room, deli, shed, completly unknown.

Rhone had another big crying fit today, he got something in his eye that hurt (piece of dust or something, I couldn't see anything) and then he just wouldn't stop sobbing and yelling. The same as last night's crying: he doesn't cry tears, just yells and sobs until he coughs like crazy, then starts again. Finally stopped and fell asleep, napped for almost two hours. Generally that means he'll be a pill all evening, but he wasn't. Instead he was a dragon, a lion, a dog, and a giraffe. Pretty standard.

Gabe's mom, Marcy, and stepdad, Bill, are coming for a visit Friday. I thought they were coming for dinner, so I'd made myself a week-long cleaning list, backing it out from Friday (vacuum and mop). But today she called and said they'll be here at 10am. Oh crap. Hope tomorrow goes as smoothly as today.

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