Monday, June 22, 2009

Never Say Never

The concert was amazing. I had such a blast! Then I missed the last ferry home and slept in the Tortuga (which has no heat, oh by the way) with a hitchhiker in the front seat.

Words Saturday: 0

Yesterday was a wonderful Father's Day in which we all took care of our Gabey, and it was also our anniversary. My sister Rosie showed up to babysit in the evening and Gabe and I went to the city to have a few drinks and nibbles. Very nice, yummy date!

Words Sunday: 0

Today I drove down to pick up Noelani. Left house at 9:15 am, made it back here at 4:20 pm. Sheesh. We went to the zoo, but only because the ferry schedule sucks.

Seen on a minivan at the zoo:

Words Monday: 0. I'm exhausted and going to bed (it's not 9:30 yet). I'll try harder tomorrow.