Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wanted: Coon Hound

Cloudy and cool this morning, but we probably deserve a little of that after so much fantastic sun. I can deal. Gabe went off to the city this morning to buy fish for bouillabaisse. He'll meet Natasha at the market and ride back with her, since she's coming for the night. A few others are coming too.

Jez cranky this morning, probably another tooth. The kids were just finishing their breakfast when I noticed something fairly large lumbering across the yard, in the back meadow near the door. I thought dog at first, but it moved oddly, and I realized it was a huge raccoon. It walked purposefully up the yard, cutting across at the fire pit and disappearing into the nettles right behind the chicken coop. Thankfully I hadn't let the chickens out yet this morning.

I was just telling Gabe about it on the phone when I saw him again--two feet from the house! Eating out from under the bird feeders, as entitled as you please. Gabe said "Go throw a rock at it!" So I did, but I took his picture first.

I threw rocks; he ran. Just out of my range. I threw more rocks. He ran into the nettles. Two minutes later he was back. I was out of rocks. I threw a roll of twine and an apple (stupid me, he stopped and sniffed at it, and came back later to eat it. I was going for baseball-sized items--oops).

On Mom's suggestion, I got the hose ready to spray him on "Power Wash" setting when he came back. (In "Bee Movie" the showerhead has a "lethal" setting, which I wished for.) But he didn't come back. Instead he moseyed around the chicken house, ate the apple, and then took off back through the meadow and into the north woods the way he'd come.

I want a dog.

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